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Elijah understands the importance of maintaining evidentiary chain of custody, use of verifiable forensic software and applying generally accepted digital forensics techniques, and follows practices that are repeatable and defensible. Our computer forensic experts are frequently called upon to testify in nationwide in federal and state courts, arbitrations and other forums. Every tribunal that has considered the issue has found Elijah’s testifiers to be qualified computer forensic experts.

A particular area of focus and strength for Elijah is our ability to communicate highly technical concepts to finders of fact in a clear, concise manner that promotes easy understanding of our expert testimony.  We offer truthful, factual and conservative opinions, minimizing the likelihood of surprises during depositions and hearings.


Elijah routinely provides expert consultative services regarding digital forensics, eDiscovery and legal technology issues. We can help devise forensic protocols, provide advice regarding ESI discovery issues, sit in on opposing expert depositions to provide real-time substantive feedback, and perform a variety of other consultative services. With our vast significant range of technical experience and industry related knowledge, we can provide cost-effective expert consultation to best meet our client’s needs.

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  • Digital Forensics Provider of the Year
  • ACQ5 Law Awards 2017 – Technology Solutions Provider of the Year
  • ACQ5 Law Awards 2017 – Computer Forensic Investigations Provider of the Year
  • The Lawyer International – Technology Solutions Provider of the Year
  • 2016 AI Legal Awards – Best for Computer Forensics & Expert Testimony – USA
  • AI Legal Awards – Best for Legal Technology Solutions – USA
  • AI Legal Awards – Best for Computer Forensic Investigations USA
  • DBR Best Of – e-Discovery Company 2015
  • CIO Review – 20 Most Promising Legal Technology Solution Providers