Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary Congratulates ELIJAH


Adam Losey
Adam Losey
Member / Losey, PLLC

Adam Losey

“As a result of ELIJAH’s analysis, we were able to substantially improve our itigation posture.”

Douglas Albritton
Douglas Albritton
Founding Partner / Actuate Law LLC

Douglas Albritton

“ELIJAH’s analysis also positioned me to be able to methodically pick apart weaknesses in the opposing expert’s opinions”

Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson

“Our legal team did a fantastic job in getting this great result for our clients, and ELIJAH’s work was a key element in achieving this success.”

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Why Should We Hire ELIJAH As Our Cyber Security Expert?

The motto of ELIJAH Data Security LLC is “Open the Door for ELIJAH, Close the Door to Hackers”. To us that means that you can welcome ELIJAH into your organization and we seamlessly integrate with your security environment, joining your team to reduce the risk of outside data breaches and insider data theft.

Anyone can say that, but we back it up:

  1. Our cybersecurity M&A due diligence and law firm practice groups are run by former litigation partners who understand your needs. In addition to being data security experts, they have been buyers and sellers responsible for evaluating data security in business acquisitions and divestitures, and advised clients regarding cybersecurity best practices in law firm environments.
  2. ELIJAH has over a decade of experience providing cybersecurity solutions, including incident response and data security consulting. We are cyber experts.
  3. We have earned numerous industry recognitions, including “Leading Data Security Adviser of the Year” in both Florida and Illinois (2018 AI Leading Advisor Awards).

Why Should We Hire ELIJAH As Our Digital Forensics Expert?

Better Evidence, Clearly. That means ELIJAH is second-to-none at collecting and investigating digital evidence, and devoted to presenting it in the clearest possible manner.

Anyone can say that, but we back it up:

  1. ELIJAH is run by former litigation partners who understand your needs. Each digital forensic expert on our team receives training in the legal process, written communication, oral communication, and responsiveness.
  2. ELIJAH has an over 15 year track record of successfully providing digital forensic solutions to clients. Our personnel have testified as experts in digital forensics in federal and state courts, and our focus on digital forensics helps us stay ahead of constant technological evolution.
  3. We have earned numerous industry recognitions, including: “Best For Computer Forensics & Expert Testimony Services – USA” (2018 Corporate USA Today Annual Awards); “Digital Forensics Provider of the Year” (2018 Finance Monthly Law Awards), “US – Computer Forensics Investigations Provider of the Year” (2018 ACQ5 Law Awards); and “Computer Forensics Investigations Provider of the Year – USA” (2018 M&A Today Global Awards).


What is Digital Forensics?

Digital forensics is a branch of forensic science that involves the collection, recovery, and investigation of data found on devices and accounts that store electronic data. Common devices that are the subject of digital forensic analysis include personal computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones, servers, email accounts, social media accounts, web-based storage accounts, wearable technology, and Internet connected devices (Internet of Things), among others.

How is Digital Forensics Different Than Computer Forensics?

The terms “computer forensics” and “digital forensics” often are used interchangeably. Because experts in our industry routinely work with many device types other than computers, as well as electronic storage accounts, digital forensics more accurately captures the modern scope of expertise.

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What is Cybersecurity M&A Due Diligence?

Cybersecurity M&A Due Diligence is the process of reviewing cybersecurity risks within an organization that is the subject of a potential merger or acquisition, for purposes of planning and assessing whether such risks necessitate deal term changes. Cybersecurity M&A due diligence is an often overlooked component of information technology due diligence, and can include interviewing personnel, reviewing policies and procedures, evaluating previous security testing, and performing updated vulnerability and penetration tests. When performed properly, cybersecurity M&A due diligence can minimize risk, reduce costs, and identify potential deal-breakers.

What is an External Vulnerability Assessment?

An external vulnerability assessment is an evaluation of Internet-facing systems to evaluate potential vulnerability to outside hackers and prioritize associated remediation. Unlike penetration testing, external vulnerability assessments do not involve attempting to exploit identified vulnerabilities and penetrate into company systems.

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What are Information Technology Managed Services?

Information technology managed services involve retaining an outside vendor as a single point of contact to meet routine information technology needs of an organization. Information technology managed services agreements often provide response time guarantees, and include specified services within predictable flat rates. Partnering with a skilled information technology managed services provider can increase organizational efficiency and profitability, while minimizing security risks.

What are Cybersecurity Managed Services?

Cybersecurity managed services are a subset of information technology managed services, in which an outside vendor is retained to develop and manage efforts to improve an organization’s data security posture. This can include reviewing cybersecurity policies and procedures, performing regular vulnerability assessments and penetration testing, conducting cybersecurity training, and overseeing other cybersecurity efforts.

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ELIJAH’s south Florida office is located in Weston, centrally located near Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Naples. ELIJAH’s north Florida office is in Jacksonville, and ELIJAH routinely provides service in Orlando, Tampa, Talahassee, and throughout the state. ELIJAH has been serving Florida clients for over 12 years, and has served as the Exclusive Sponsor of the Electronic Discovery & Digital Evidence Committee of the Business Law Section of the Florida Bar. ELIJAH was recognized by the 2018 Al Leading Advisor Awards as Florida’s Leading Data Security Advisor of the Year. ELIJAH experts have testified in Florida state and federal courts.

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ELIJAH’s original location and largest office is located in downtown Chicago. ELIJAH also supports central and southern Illinois clients from its Champaign office. Chicago is a transportation hub, allowing ELIJAH to quickly put boots on the ground where clients needs dictate. ELIJAH has been serving clients in Chicago and throughout Illinois for over 15 years, and our experts have testified in Illinois state and federal courts. ELIJAH was recognized by the 2018 Al Leading Advisor Awards as Illinois’ Leading Data Security Advisor of the year.

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ELIJAH has been serving Iowa clients since opening our Des Moines office in 2012. Our Cedar Rapids office now serves as our primary Iowa base of operations, from which we provide digital forensics, eDiscovery, and cybersecurity services. Our Iowa personnel routinely travel throughout the state, and ELIJAH quickly can ramp up additional personnel from our nearby Chicago headquarters.

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ELIJAH has Michigan offices in Grand Rapids, serving western Michigan, and Farmington Hills, serving the Detroit area and eastern Michigan. ELIJAH has been serving Michigan clients for over 12 years, and our experts have testified in Michigan state and federal courts. ELIJAH personnel are active in supporting local community and bar associations in Michigan. ELIJAH is a licensed Michigan Professional Investigation Agency through our subsidiary ELIJAH Technologies Ltd., License No. 3701-205600.

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