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Police departments increasingly are incorporating the use of body and in-car video cameras, which can be highly valuable tools but also can create complex evidentiary issues. Elijah has been engaged by municipalities reviewing the adequacy of associated chain of custody and police department operational procedures, and are well versed in interpreting associated audit logs and related evidentiary materials. Elijah can perform an expert evaluation of chain of custody and evidence authenticity issues, both on a departmental basis and in individual litigation matters.

Elijah has provided digital forensic services in other law enforcement matters, including assisting in internal investigations in which bringing in an objective outside expert can be critical. We understand the sensitivity and importance of law enforcement matters to both our clients and the general public, and routinely are engaged as an outside trusted resource.


Whether you are the accused or a victim pressing charges, ensuring that you gather and identify all pertinent facts expeditiously often can determine the outcome of criminal matters. Elijah has substantial experience in forensic data collections, including recovery of often overlooked artifacts on smartphones and other mobile devices, as well as email accounts, social media and of course computers. What happened, when and how are critical facts in criminal cases, and Elijah employs a multi-disciplinary team including forensic examiners with law enforcement, legal, accounting and computing backgrounds to efficiently identify key electronically stored evidence to help uncover key facts.


Receiving a government subpoena can be highly unsettling, whether you are the potential target of an investigation or a third party who might possess relevant documents. The process of identifying, collecting and producing such documents to a regulatory authority can be overwhelming, and failing to identify responsive electronically stored information can have serious implications. Elijah has substantial experience in assisting clients in meeting their data collection and production obligations, and can reduce both risks and costs associated with incomplete or improper responses to government subpoenas.

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