Every organization is faced with escalating cybersecurity threats, how to evaluate the plethora of tools needed to detect them, and a shortage of available talent to get the job done. The uncertainty of knowing whether you are taking appropriate action can be paralyzing. Even after adopting a solution, resource and expertise scarcity forces many organizations to be selective in deciding which alarms to investigate, leaving them to simply hope the rest are non-critical.

Our consultants help you identify and resolve critical incidents. Whether in assisting with technical responses or crisis management, our skilled team combines a depth of expertise with industry-leading threat intelligence and network and endpoint technology to address pressing cybersecurity incidents. Whether you have one or 100,000 endpoints, our consultants can be up and running in a matter of hours, analyzing your networks for malicious activity and helping make your systems more secure.

ELIJAH Data Security’s specialized skills and technology enabled us to resolve some of the most sophisticated attacks, including the following situations:

Attack Groups

ELIJAH Data Security can identify whether multiple attack groups are working concurrently and independently in the same victim network.


Attacks often span multiple vectors. ELIJAH Data Security can identify and resolve compromises that involve significant percentages of systems within an environment.


ELIJAH Data Security can implement remediation approaches in very large networks and in which remediation activities must be resolved either concurrently or consecutively.

Supply Chains

ELIJAH Data Security can investigate intrusions targeting multiple companies across a supply chain

supply chain ELIJAH Data Security brings a wide array of skills to bear in resolving data breaches and other cybersecurity incidents

  • Advanced Compromise Assessments: Whether you have been breached can be the most important question for an enterprise to answer quickly. ELIJAH Data Security can perform advanced compromise assessments as an initial step in transforming your IT security program.
  • Cyber Experts: ELIJAH Data Security personnel have a depth of experience preserving and investigating potentially affected systems in connection with incident response engagements, and identifying potential remediation solutions.
  • Investigative skills: ELIJAH Data Security personnel are cross-trained in computer forensic analysis, providing the critical thinking skills needed to match wits with hackers.
  • Threat intelligence: ELIJAH Data Security can track profiles of key attack groups including their tools, practices, and objectives, along with corresponding indicators of compromise.
  • Management experience: When facing a critical incident, judgment can be just as important as expertise. ELIJAH Data Security maintains a highly experienced, multi-disciplinary team to help guide clients through the various stages of responding to a cybersecurity incident.