ELIJAH’s cybersecurity group began as an outgrowth of providing digital forensics and incident response services to law firms and their clients. After the storm calmed from each data breach incident, our clients routinely asked what they could have done differently to better protect themselves. ELIJAH developed its cybersecurity managed services, vulnerability assessment, and penetration testing offerings to help clients reduce cybersecurity risks before an incident occurs. We also assist law firms and their clients with cybersecurity M&A due diligence, assisting companies in evaluating the cybersecurity risks associated with proceeding with a merger or acquisition. Although many of our customers are still law firms and their clients, ELIJAH now also routinely works with small and mid-sized businesses from a variety of sectors to enhance their cybersecurity readiness, performing this work through our sister company Elijah Data Security LLC. Our award-winning team is managed by former law firm partners who understand the importance of data security and confidentiality. ELIJAH is the team you can trust to provide efficient cybersecurity solutions that meet your needs.


  • Lead or assist with cybersecurity due diligence
  • Reduce cybersecurity risks in M&A deals
  • Verify a suspected incident
  • Protect your data assets from cyber threats and attacks
  • Enhance your security reputation
  • Provide the best value for your security budget
  • Strengthen your overall information security and compliance posture