ELIJAH specializes in Data Loss Detection solutions for companies of all sizes. Our programs are designed to help companies minimize risk and reduce costs associated with intentional or unintentional misuse of company data and resources. ELIJAH’s Data Loss Detection solutions reduce millions of dollars in exposure for most companies and combat the below risks:

  • Theft: In their final days, employees often deliberately or inadvertently retain possession of client lists, trade secrets, and other important information. ELIJAH can track the computer activity of outgoing employees and help avoid expensive data misappropriation incidents.
  • Fraud: Certain employees are predictably more likely to engage in fraud, embezzlement, and other types of misconduct. ELIJAH’s risk management program can help you to identify likely offenders and prevent significant financial losses.
  • Litigation: Employee misconduct, such as sexual harassment, discrimination, insider trading, or misuse of social media can plague any company. ELIJAH’s risk management program deters such misconduct and greatly minimizes the risk of costly litigation.
  • Data Breach: Failing to reasonably safeguard corporate data risks competitors gaining access to your trade secrets and courts deeming such data to be legally unprotected. Privacy breaches by outsiders can be embarrassing and financially debilitating. ELIJAH helps identify data breaches, retrieve confidential data, and establish a program designed to satisfy judicial scrutiny.
  • Data Loss: Inadvertent deletion or loss of company data can be crippling. ELIJAH helps companies restore and retrieve lost data.