ELIJAH Adds Key Personnel and Expanded Facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan

ELIJAH, an industry leader in electronic discovery and computer forensic solutions, has significantly expanded its operations in Michigan. ELIJAH’s new Grand Rapids operations center includes over ten times the space of its previous facility, and now includes a dedicated forensics lab and upgraded connectivity to ELIJAH’s data hosting platforms. A group of four established industry experts recently joined ELIJAH’s existing Michigan operations, furthering ELIJAH’s commitment to the Michigan marketplace.

“Elijah is celebrating its tenth anniversary in business this month, and we are thrilled to be able to offer the highest level of local expertise to our Michigan client base,” stated Elijah’s president Andrew Reisman. “We are excited to offer our unique suite of proprietary technologies throughout Michigan that boost litigation efficiency, helping our clients reduce expenses, increase profitability and streamline the discovery process.

In addition to traditional data preservation, computer forensic investigation and eDiscovery services, ELIJAH offers a variety of managed services solutions that provide predictable flat monthly rates for clients with frequent litigation needs. ELIJAH also has developed its eDiscovery Integrator electronic project management system for managing the entire eDiscovery lifecycle, and ESPI predictive coding software to allow clients to quickly and efficiently identify critical data. Information about these solutions can be found at https://www.elijaht.com.

ELIJAH Ltd. is the parent company of ELIJAH Technologies, Ltd., a Michigan Professional Investigation Agency, License Number 3701-205600.

About ELIJAH Ltd.

Founded in 2003, ELIJAH Ltd. is an industry leader in providing electronic discovery and computer forensic solutions. ELIJAH has been recognized as among the top twenty companies nationally in e-discovery processing capacity, and is called upon by many of the largest law firms and Fortune 500 companies to meet their computer forensic and e-discovery needs. ELIJAH implements successful strategies to manage and store electronic evidence efficiently, including its Litigation Cloud solution that enables law firms and corporations to reduce litigation and IT expenses, enhance functionality and increase profitability. For additional information please contact info@elijaht.com, visit https://www.elijaht.com or call 866-354-5240.