Could Fitbit help solve woman’s murder? – CNN, 4/24/17

A masked intruder barged into his Connecticut home, he said, tied up and tortured him and — when his wife came home — shot and killed her.

His story, however, would not hold up with investigators. And when cops ultimately charged him with murdering his wife, they relied on evidence gathered from an unlikely source:

The Fitbit his wife was wearing…

Insider charged with writing malware to steal Wall Street firm’s crown jewel algorithms – Scoop News Group

After seven years on the job at a multibillion-dollar Wall Street financial services firm, a senior systems administrator stands accused by the FBI of creating malware to steal valuable source code and encryption keys that gave him direct access to the data files that are the core of the company’s business…


Burlington murder trial delayed two weeks while email fight continue – The Daily Herald

The trial of a Burlington Township man accused of beating his father to death has been delayed while he fights to have the charges dismissed because privileged defense team emails were inadvertently given to prosecutors.

Public Defender Kelli Childress argues attorney-client confidentiality was violated when emails from her office were included in a subpoena for email communications by sheriff’s deputies and investigators last fall…

INSIDER DATA THEFT What Lawyers Need To Know

Hacking is sexy. Perhaps not the hackers themselves, notwithstanding Hollywood casting including Robert Redford in 1992’s Sneakers and more recently Chris “Thor” Hemsworth in 2015’s Blackhat. Data breaches by cybercriminals regularly lead the evening news. After a litany of incidents involving a who’s who of corporate America, cyber security preparedness is on the radar in C-suites and board rooms across the country. Law firms have taken notice as well, as many companies now factor cyber security in assessing which outside counsel to retain.

In focusing on what grabs headlines, businesses often overlook a less exotic but highly significant information security danger – insider data theft…