ELIJAH Ltd., a leading provider of computer forensic and electronic discovery services, earns International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) compliance registration from the U.S. State Department

ELIJAH Ltd., a leading provider of legal technology solutions, announced today that the successful completion of all regulatory requirements to attain International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) registration and compliance from the U.S. Department of State, enhancing its ability to provide computer forensic and eDiscovery services to the defense and technology sectors.

ITAR is a set of U.S. government regulations governing the import and export of data related to defense industry operations. Consistent with its registration, ELIJAH has developed a compliance program to ensure that all data as defined by the United States Munitions List is handled in a manner that safeguards the security and privacy of vital defense industry initiatives. By gaining ITAR certification, ELIJAH enhances its ability to serve governmental bodies, suppliers, subcontractors and other entities responsible for sensitive military and governmental data.

“ELIJAH has always handled client data with strict security protocols and a steadfast commitment to confidentiality,” said ELIJAH president Andy Reisman. “Successfully implementing our ITAR compliance program and earning certification enhances our ability to best serve our clients in the military, technology and governmental sectors, and demonstrates our commitment to provide levels of security well above the norm in our industry.” ELIJAH Ltd. maintains its largest data center in the Westland Bunker, the nation’s most secure data private data center – an isolated underground fortress designed to withstand direct nuclear attack.

About ELIJAH Ltd.

Founded in 2003, ELIJAH Ltd. is an industry leader in providing electronic discovery, computer forensic and cybersecurity solutions. ELIJAH has been recognized as a “Top 100+” eDiscovery provider by ComplexDiscovery and as among the top twenty companies nationally in eDiscovery processing capacity. ELIJAH is called upon by many of the largest law firms and Fortune 500 companies to meet their computer forensic, eDiscovery and cybersecurity needs. For additional information, please visit https://www.elijaht.com or call 866-354-5240.