Employment Disputes & Litigation

Computer forensics is often times the key weapon in resolving employment disputes and litigation. Whether it involves an employee’s use of a computer, cell phone, tablet or other electronic storage devices and accounts, ELIJAH’s digital forensics experts can help you find the “smoking guns” that efficiently can resolve such disputes. In addition, ELIJAH’s experts can help ensure electronic data is preserved correctly and can assist you in developing your discovery process, examining the other party’s forensic evidence, and providing expert consulting and testimony.

Many employment litigation matters that we work on involve alleged employment discrimination and Wage & Hour disputes. Computer forensics can be important in these matters by establishing the facts associated with:

  • Actual time worked by employees
  • Personal time spent while at work
  • Email and text message communication
  • Time keeping record alteration
  • Internet usage
  • Vehicle usage and locations
  • Many other artifacts of electronic storage device usage

Many other employment disputes relate to theft of confidential data, and area with which ELIJAH has extensive expertise. For more information about this specific practice group, please see our Intellectual Property page.

Whether you are an employer or an employee, ELIJAH’s team of computer forensic experts can help recreate the events associated with a person’s actual work history. By uncovering evidence that might otherwise go undetected, our work often can be the difference between winning and losing your case.