ELIJAH’s expert information technology consulting services provide clients high-end solutions at affordable prices. ELIJAH understands that each organization faces its own unique set of challenges, and we can create customized solutions to meet your IT needs.

ELIJAH increases value to your business through providing the following expert information technology consulting services:

  • IT Assessments
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning
  • Penetration Testing/Security Audits
  • Cloud Assessments
  • Network Security Services
  • Full Network Management
  • Antivirus & Malware Consulting
  • Back-Up & Disaster Recovery Consulting
  • Cabling Consulting
  • Cloud Consulting
  • Database Servers
  • Desktop / Laptop Consulting
  • Email Consulting
  • Firewall/Perimeter Consulting
  • Network & Server Consulting
  • Mobile Device Consulting
  • Router & Switch Consulting
  • VoIP Phone Consulting
  • Web Design Consulting
  • Wireless (Security, Surveys, Installation)

ELIJAH can provide expert information technology consulting services that help your organization operate efficiently while reducing costs. ELIJAH offers these services through our sister company ELIJAH Information Technology LLC. CONTACT US today for a free initial consultation.