What is Expert Testimony?

Testimony given is by a qualified person familiar with the subject or specially trained in the field.

Expert Testimony

Expert testimony is a key step of a digital forensics case. Our experts have testified in oral and written form before federal and state courts, arbitration panels and various administrative bodies. Every court that has considered the issue has found ELIJAH’s testifiers to be qualified computer forensic experts.
ELIJAH collects evidence in a forensically sound manner and uses forensic software to verify all evidence. ELIJAH applies accepted digital forensics techniques from the start of our evidence collection to the moment our expert testifies in court. Our experts understand the importance of keeping evidentiary chain of custody. We follow practices that are repeatable, defensible and admissible in court.

ELIJAH takes pride in being able to communicate highly technical concepts in a clear and concise manner. This makes it easy for everyone present during our expert testimony to understand. We take pride in our truthful, factual and conservative opinions. Adhering to this core philosophy throughout all facets of our work sets the stage for surprise-free testimony at trial.


ELIJAH routinely gives expert consultative services regarding digital forensics, eDiscovery and legal technology issues. We help develop forensic protocols and give advice on ESI discovery issues. ELIJAH can sit in on opposing expert depositions to provide real-time feedback and perform a variety of other consultative services. Combining out vast range of technical experience and industry related knowledge, we are able to offer cost-effective expert consultation to best meet our client’s needs.

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