ELIJAH’s digital forensic experts can offer assistance to clients engaged in family disputes. We have worked on many family law cases across the country. We provide assistance for disputes or lawsuits that include divorce, marital infidelity, child custody, abuse, asset searches, financial and business.

We collect and analyze data from computers, cell phones, tablets and other digital evidence. ELIJAH’s digital forensics investigation can uncover evidence to help support and win your case. We can review everyday activity from social media accounts, SMS messages and internet activity to identify information relevant to your case such as:

  • Determine a person’s internet activity (addictions and interests, dating sites)
  • Child Pornography (proof of unfit parent or illegal activity)
  • Recover deleted text conversations (protective order breached, infidelity, threats….)
  • Recover photos (Sexting, locations, other partners…)
  • Proof of unfit parent
  • Identify hidden financials (theft of financials, hidden bank accounts…)
  • Determine Spending Habits (general habits, additions)

Digital Forensics Influence on Cases

Digital forensics plays a major role in the outcome of your client’s case. In the beginning of a family law case, counsel should determine if a digital forensic examination would be beneficial. For example, analyzing and recovering cell phone history can answer several questions that may arise during a divorce case with a restraining order in place. “Did they communicate with each other?” “If so, Who contacted who?” “What was the duration of the phone calls?” “Did their phone connect to the house wifi after the restraining order was in place?”

Please contact ELIJAH today if you feel we can aid you with uncovering critical digital evidence to support your family law case.