About Digital Forensics

What is Digital Forensics?

Digital forensics is a branch of forensic science that involves the collection, recovery, and investigation of data found on devices and accounts that store electronic data. Common devices that are the subject of digital forensic analysis include personal computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones, servers, email accounts, social media accounts, web-based storage accounts, wearable technology, and Internet connected devices (Internet of Things), among others.

How is Digital Forensics Different Than Computer Forensics?

The terms “computer forensics” and “digital forensics” often are used interchangeably. Because experts in our industry routinely work with many device types other than computers, as well as electronic storage accounts, digital forensics more accurately captures the modern scope of expertise.

What is Forensic Imaging?

Forensic imaging is the process of creating exact, verifiable copies of data stored on hard drives and other electronic storage devices. In the case of computer hard drives, forensic images are bit-for-bit copies of all data stored on such drives. For targeted collections, forensic images are verifiable exact copies of the selected files. For smart phones, forensic images are verifiable copies of the maximal amount of data supported for copying by the associated phone models and operating systems, and as such work performed on phones often is more accurately referred to as forensic collections.

What Are Examples Of Digital Forensic Services?

There are too many to list, but here are a few examples:

  1. Employees with access to sensitive data resigned, and you want to figure out if they took data with them to use at a new company.
  2. You are considering filing a lawsuit, and want help quickly gathering data to analyze your claims.
  3. You are a party to a lawsuit (or are an attorney representing a party), and need to collect evidence to comply with discovery obligations and help evaluate your case.
  4. Issues have arisen in litigation regarding the authenticity of electronically stored information, when files were created or accessed, whether evidence was deleted, or the operation of electronic storage devices/accounts.
  5. You need to take large volumes of data and figure out a way efficiently to identify key evidence.

Why Should I Hire An Outside Digital Forensics Expert Instead Of Using Internal Resources?

Here are a few reasons clients hire outside computer forensic experts instead of using internal personnel:

  1. Digital forensics requires specialized expertise and software that often are unavailable in-house.
  2. Performing data collections without appropriate forensic software can alter or omit key data, exposing you to legal risk.
  3. Internal IT resources have vital roles in maintaining core institutional operations, and diverting such resources risks business disruption.
  4. The best computer forensics experts are able to communicate highly technical concepts in a manner easily understandable to finders of fact, which is not a core function for IT personnel.
  5. If something goes wrong, you have much stronger argument that you acted reasonably if you retained a reputable expert, and it will be much harder for the other side to argue the mistake in fact was deliberate.
  6. Your case is important, and you want the best people working on it.

What Is A Certified Computer Forensics Examiner?

There is no single certifying body in the computer forensics industry. There are, however, many digital forensic software providers who offer certification programs, as well as vendor-neutral certifications. One of the most prestigious vendor certifications is the EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE), which requires rigorous training, passing a multiple choice exam, passing a practical exam requiring examination of digital evidence and creation of an associated report, and continuing education requirements to maintain active EnCE certification.

About Elijah

Why Should We Hire Elijah As Our Digital Forensics Expert?

Better Evidence, Clearly. That means Elijah is second-to-none at collecting and investigating digital evidence, and devoted to presenting it in the clearest possible manner.

Anyone can say that, but we back it up:

  1. Elijah is run by former litigation partners who understand your needs. Each digital forensic expert on our team receives training in the legal process, written communication, oral communication, and responsiveness
  2. All Elijah does is digital forensics. We are an inch wide and a mile deep, and have a team of experts devoted to staying ahead of constantly evolving data sources and technological evolution.
  3. We have earned numerous industry recognitions, including : “Digital Forensics Provider of the Year” (2017 Finance Monthly Law Awards), “US – Computer Forensics Investigations Provider of the Year” (2017 ACQ5 Law Awards), and “Technology Solutions Provider Of the Year (Legal) – USA” (2017 Lawyer International Global Awards)

Does Elijah Provide Services In My Area?

Yes! Elijah routinely supports digital forensic collections throughout the United States and even internationally. Often we can perform this work remotely, eliminating the need to travel in performing our services. Currently, Elijah has staffed physical offices in Florida, Illinois, and Michigan. Our Florida office is based in Weston, in close proximity to Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Naples, with limited travel required to serve other areas such as Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville. Our Illinois offices are in Chicago and Naperville, with almost every major city in the United States no more than a four hour flight away. Our Michigan office is in Grand Rapids, and routinely performs service in Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Kalamazoo, and Traverse City.

How Long Has Elijah Been In Business?

Elijah has been in business since 2003. We have built a loyal following of law firm, corporate, government, and other valued clients by providing highly responsive service and understanding our clients’ needs.

Does Elijah Provide Electronic Discovery Hosting Services?

Elijah provided electronic discovery hosting services, including as a kCura Relativity best in service provider and an iConect XERA Silver level service provider, until January 2017 when Elijah spun off our eDiscovery hosting division to Acorn Legal Solutions LLC. Elijah can assist our digital forensic clients in evaluating appropriate hosting platforms and providers if they do not already have in-house solutions or preferred vendors, but our core focus now is providing expert digital forensic data collection and investigation services.

Does Elijah Only Work With Plaintiffs Or Defendants?

Elijah works with plaintiffs and defendants with approximately the same level of frequency. We also often act as a third-party neutral expert or a jointly-retained expert, helping to facilitate data collection and investigation in contentious matters involving highly sensitive information. Elijah also routinely performs internal investigations and provides expert digital forensic services in other matters in which no litigation is pending.

Who Is On Elijah’s Executive Leadership Team?

Elijah’s CEO is Andrew Reisman. Andrew has over 20,000 hours of digital forensics experience, and has testified throughout the country as a digital forensics expert. He maintains numerous certifications in computer forensics, electronic discovery, and data security, and routinely is invited to speak at industry events and in CLE presentations. Andrew was recognized as 2016’s Legal Technology Gamechanger of the Year by the ACQ Global Awards. Prior to founding Elijah in 2003, Andrew was a partner at one of the country’s largest law firms, practicing in litigation and technology law.

Elijah’s President is Rick Weber. Rick has nearly two decades of experience in the legal technology space, in particular developing software designed to extract and present data in a forensically sound manner. Rick is a frequent speaker issues involving insider data theft and data security. Before joining Elijah, Rick was an attorney with one of the world’s largest law firms and served as a prosecutor at the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

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  • Elijah Leading Data Security Adviser of the Year
  • Corporate Excellence Awards – Digital Forensics Experts of the Year 2017
  • 2017 AI Legal Awards – Best for Digital Forensics & Expert Testimony – USA
  • Digital Forensics Provider of the Year
  • ACQ5 Law Awards 2017 – Technology Solutions Provider of the Year
  • ACQ5 Law Awards 2017 – Computer Forensic Investigations Provider of the Year
  • The Lawyer International – Technology Solutions Provider of the Year
  • 2016 AI Legal Awards – Best for Computer Forensics & Expert Testimony – USA
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