The information security landscape and associated threats constantly are evolving, and outside vulnerability assessments are performed by information security experts who are focused on keeping pace with such changes. In-house information technology personnel often have a wide variety of duties, including supporting the core business of an organization, and often other organizational priorities interfere with keeping up to date with the latest security vulnerabilities. Even highly talented information technology personnel can use a second set of eyes to reduce the risk of inadvertent mistakes, and to provide feedback regarding recent security patches. From a marketing standpoint, being able to demonstrate to an organization’s clients that active steps have been taken to ensure that best practices for information security are being followed can provide comfort to those clients and serve as a differentiator for an organization. Finally, and most basically, your information often is the most valuable asset your organization possesses, and the relatively low costs of performing an information security assessment relative to the cost of your information being exposed to third parties represents significant value to an organization in the form of risk reduction.