The motto of ELIJAH Data Security LLC is “Open the Door for ELIJAH, Close the Door to Hackers”. To us that means that you can welcome ELIJAH into your organization and we seamlessly integrate with your security environment, joining your team to reduce the risk of outside data breaches and insider data theft.

Anyone can say that, but we back it up:

  1. Our cybersecurity M&A due diligence and law firm practice groups are run by former litigation partners who understand your needs. In addition to being data security experts, they have been buyers and sellers responsible for evaluating data security in business acquisitions and divestitures, and advised clients regarding cybersecurity best practices in law firm environments.
  2. ELIJAH has over a decade of experience providing cybersecurity solutions, including incident response and data security consulting. We are cyber experts.
  3. We have earned numerous industry recognitions, including “Leading Data Security Adviser of the Year” in both Florida and Illinois (2018 AI Leading Advisor Awards).