Data Misappropriation

Many companies such as pharmaceutical, financial, biotechnology, software development and others make significant investments in trade secrets and other sensitive intellectual property. This mission critical data is always at risk from being stolen. Although media attention focuses on threats from outside hackers, most acts of data misappropriation are committed by departing employees while they still have unfettered access to corporate systems.

ELIJAH routinely helps clients identify potential data theft by departing employees by forensically preserving and analyzing the company computers, phones, email accounts and other data sources formerly assigned to such employees. Our efforts have been responsible for identifying theft of mission critical data and allowing companies to protect their most vital secrets before substantial damage is done.

Identifying data misappropriation can be complex and subject to misinterpretation by less experienced or armchair computer forensic examiners. As such, ELIJAH also assists former employees and their new employers in efforts to preserve evidence, identify the true scope of computer activity and remediate data when appropriate.

ELIJAH can assist both on an ad hoc basis as well as through managed services offerings such as our Data Loss Detection service. By using advanced investigative and forensic techniques, our Data Loss Detection service proactively helps companies minimize risk and reduce costs associated with intentional misappropriation and misuse of company data and resources.

Patent Litigation

Digital forensic expertise often can make the difference in determining the validity of a patent. For example, determining the date on which an inventor came up with an idea could be vital in determining whether prior art poses an issue with patentability. ELIJAH can look for forensic clues within the electronic documents themselves, as well as on computers in which they were created and opened, to establish the timing and provenance of such files. ELIJAH has testified regarding such matters in cases affecting the largest of companies, including Apple and Microsoft, as well as those involving the small and medium business market.