ELIJAH helps companies and receivers discreetly conduct internal investigations for possible incidents of fraud and other malfeasance. Whether it be in response to a data breach, insider data theft or other wrongdoing, ELIJAH’s team of highly skilled computer forensics experts frequently is called upon to investigate.

In the event of an action or suspected action by insiders, our digital forensic experts can recreate computer usage and behaviors to uncover evidence establishing motive, means, and opportunity as well as attempts to conceal actions. Our expert reports and testimony have helped identify guilty parties and exonerate the innocent.

In instances involving a potential data breach by an outsider, ELIJAH’s computer forensic investigation team can help identify the source of the intrusion and the activity that transpired immediately after. We can determine what data was compromised and whether digital evidence was erased or modified, recover data, and recreate events and exchanges so that you have an accurate diagnosis to develop an effective recovery plan.

Our computer forensic expert investigators include a multidisciplinary team that will work closely with your general counsel, senior executives, audit committees, receivers, and/or outside counsel at each stage to assure that objectives are met.