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Data Collection

The sanctity and security of your data is vital. Mistakes in handling evidence can lead to allegations of evidence spoliation. The loss or theft of storage media containing personally identifiable information can trigger expensive and embarrassing disclosure requirements. Elijah offers cost-competitive, turnkey eDiscovery solutions that safeguard one of your most important assets — information — while other companies cut corners and thereby, pass those hidden costs on to you.

Secure Data Environment

Elijah takes data security very seriously. We store all forensic collections in a highly secure environment. Our forensic lab incorporates an electronic access control system that logs all entries by employee, and limits entry to forensic personnel. The lab is further monitored by security cameras, motion detectors and a 24/7 staffed alarm service. For the most sensitive cases that require access only by a specific forensic examiner, Elijah maintains in our lab biometric safes keyed to that investigator’s fingerprints. Hiring Elijah means knowing your data is safely preserved and secured. Elijah’s secure processes begin with our highly experienced, certified team of computer forensic examiners. Using leading industry software, our rapid response teams are trained to:
  • Identify the data to be preserved
  • Collect Electronically Stored Information (ESI) in a forensically sound manner that preserves key metadata
  • Ensure that the ESI we have obtained during the collection process is identical to the original data by performing computerized verification processes
  • Perform detailed chain of custody tracking to document our processes
  • Store all collected ESI in a highly secure environment with an electronic access control system, allowing only designated Elijah personnel access to your data
  • Create a forensic backup of all collected data prior to examination
Elijah performs these tasks with laser focus on avoiding disruption to our clients’ normal business operations. We have imaged hundreds of computers and terabytes of server data in a matter of days without our clients missing a beat. Whether during the normal business day or after hours, on-site or in our secure forensics lab, Elijah is able to meet the largest data preservation demands on the tightest schedules. Hiring Elijah means knowing your data is safely preserved and secured.

Collection Options

Elijah offers a variety of collection approaches to fit your particular needs. Including full forensic imaging, collection of specified files and folders, and on-site data filtering, all of Elijah’s collection methodologies are verifiable and forensically sound. With the increasing focus on evidence spoliation, utilizing Elijah for your collection needs is a prudent investment that could reap significant rewards down the line.

A partial list of awards bestowed upon Elijah:

DBR Best of e-Discovery Company 2015
AI 2015 Best for Legal Technology Solutions
AI 2015 Best for Computer Forensics
Relativity – Best in Service Blue
iConect 2015 Silver Xera
CIO Review – 20 Most Promising
ACQ5 Gamechanger of the Year 2016
ACQ eDiscovery Company of the Year