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Analytics & ECA


The volume of electronic information associated with a litigation matter can be staggering. Emails, texts and tweets often are the preferred source of instant communication, and many people receive hundreds of emails daily from spammers. Additionally, backup processes can result in an exponential increase in electronic documents, as with the click of a button millions of duplicative records can be created in a new location nearly instantly. Review methodologies that rely on attorneys reviewing all witnesses’ documents for responsiveness often are unduly costly, time consuming and for the reviewers soul-crushingly tedious.

Elijah can employ a variety of analytic technologies and recommend associated workflows to help you efficiently identify key documents for review and production. Our technologies include predictive coding, sentiment analysis, data visualization, concept clustering, near de-duplication and a variety of other tools that add substantial value to the litigation process.

Benefits of the sophisticated analytic techniques Elijah can bring to bear include:

  • Providing early insights into key issues
  • Improving the accuracy and effectiveness of document reviewers
  • Reducing document review costs
  • Reducing time required for document review

Elijah also can provide valuable assistance with more traditional review workflows, providing data filtering, de-duplication and de-NISTing services. We also can provide consulting services relating to the breadth of search expressions, catching potential issues before a significant investment is made in filtering and processing costs. Elijah has provided expert testimony regarding the costs, burden and scope of document review methodologies, helping to guide litigation on a more efficient path. Elijah provides the life raft for those struggling in an ocean of data.

Early Case Assessment

Early case assessment provides a rapid view of the core issues in your case, saving organizations money, time and potential embarrassment. By quickly identifying key documents, we position you to make decisions regarding an effective legal strategy at the earliest possible point in time. A small up-front investment in early case assessment can result in numerous potential benefits:

  • Determine relationships between and information regarding key players
  • Quickly ascertain which documents are most likely to be responsive
  • Substantially reduce document review costs and turn-around times
  • Deliver a more accurate and consistent document review methodology
  • Assign documents to appropriately experienced reviewers

A partial list of awards bestowed upon Elijah:

DBR Best of e-Discovery Company 2015
AI 2015 Best for Legal Technology Solutions
AI 2015 Best for Computer Forensics
Relativity – Best in Service Blue
iConect 2015 Silver Xera
CIO Review – 20 Most Promising
ACQ5 Gamechanger of the Year 2016
ACQ eDiscovery Company of the Year