Elijah optimizes project management in delivering cutting-edge legal technology, data security and information technology solutions. Call 866.354.5240 or email info@elijaht.com to learn how our team of industry experts can deliver the highest level of judgment, responsiveness and value to your enterprise.

Project Management

Elijah’s Project Management service offering helps you optimize projects that must be kept in-house. Our clients utilize Elijah’s Project Management services in a variety of contexts, such as:

  • Analytics Consulting, to assist with devising defensible workflows for review of large data volumes
  • Software Support, such as when supporting legacy litigation support platforms or implementing new platforms for which institutional knowledge is limited
  • Staff Augmentation, when projects become too large for existing personnel to handle but hiring additional full-time employees is impractical
  • Overflow Work, to assist when personnel are sick, go on vacation or are unavailable after hours

Elijah at its core focuses on optimizing project management in all aspects of provided services. We developed our proprietary BLADETM project management system to streamline our internal workflows, enhance automation and allow our clients 24/7/365 transparency into their projects. Our project managers have on average over 15 years of industry experience, so you always will be in capable hands. Our project management experience in delivering services on outsourced projects serves as the foundation for providing successful, efficient project management solutions for matters that must stay in-house.

A partial list of awards bestowed upon Elijah:

DBR Best of e-Discovery Company 2015
AI 2015 Best for Legal Technology Solutions
AI 2015 Best for Computer Forensics
Relativity – Best in Service Blue
iConect 2015 Silver Xera
CIO Review – 20 Most Promising
ACQ5 Gamechanger of the Year 2016
ACQ eDiscovery Company of the Year