Managing end-user computing issues rapidly can strain the resources of even the most established in-house information technology teams. Managing local devices and resolving issues that end users experience can present a diverse set of challenges, ranging from the mundane (e.g., please plug in your power cord) to the exotic (e.g., ransomware has encrypted your laptop).


ELIJAH can provide routine help-desk resources on an affordable, per-user basis. We also can resolve issues as they arise on an hourly basis, with discounts provided for pre-purchased blocks of hours.


Beyond problem resolution, ELIJAH can assist with the routine set-up process when onboarding new employees, and data remediation when offboarding employees. We can provide consulting and recommended solutions for mobile device management, which reduce organization risks and costs. If an employee is using an electronic storage device, ELIJAH can help support that user.

ELIJAH offers local device management services through our sister company ELIJAH Information Technology LLC. CONTACT US today for a free initial consultation