Cybersecurity Alert: Cyberattacks On The Rise In Early 2020

Written by Jon Isenberg on January 23, 2020

IN THE NEWS – ELIJAH Digest | January 23, 2020 Computer Forensic, Cybersecurity and Managed IT Solutions. In the past two months, the news has been littered with reports of cyberattacks including attacks on: The Department of Homeland Security, Mitsubishi, and LifeLabs, to name a few. Five Steps to reduce the chance that your business will be a target of a cyberattack: Be careful what you click on. Watch for emails that seem out-of-place, like the email from your boss that asks you to run an errand and pick up gift cards as they are in a meeting. Or, that email that seems too good to be true (it probably is) and contains a ransomware infection. In our busy lives, remember to think before clicking. Use strong security software. Security software should be installed on every device that you use to connect to the internet. Whether accessing email or the… Read more »

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Employee Departures – What Are They Really Taking With Them?

Written by Web Admin on January 9, 2020

IN THE NEWS – ELIJAH Digest | January 9, 2020 Computer Forensic, Cybersecurity and Managed IT Solutions. In a recent study by Biscom, 87% of employees who leave a job take data that they created in that job. Employee Data Theft is now an unfortunate part of running a business today. The top 5 most common types of malicious insiders include: The Careless Worker (misusing assets). Employees or partners who misappropriate resources, break acceptable use policies, mishandle data, install unauthorized applications and use unapproved workarounds. This behavior is often referred to as “Shadow IT” and the actions are deemed inappropriate as opposed to malicious. Inside agents (stealing information on behalf of outsiders). Insiders recruited, solicited or bribed by external parties to exfiltrate data. Disgruntled employees. Insiders who seek to harm their organization via destruction of data or disruption of business activity. Malicious insiders (stealing information for personal gain). Actors with… Read more »

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Skype For Business Is Being Retired – Are You Ready?

Written by Jon Isenberg on December 12, 2019

IN THE NEWS – ELIJAH Digest | December 12, 2019 Computer Forensic, Cybersecurity and Managed IT Solutions. Microsoft recently announced that in 2021, Microsoft’s Skype for Business will be retired and the service will no longer be available. According to a Microsoft website, Skype for Business customers will be migrated to Microsoft Teams. The Skype consumer service is not affected by this announcement. Why are they doing this? In 2017, Microsoft Teams was launched, as the “hub for teamwork” as part of the Office 365 software. Teams combines chat, video, calling, and document collaboration into a single integrated app and an entirely new way of working. This new upgraded experience will bring more technology and usability than the current Skype for Business product. With the most recent Windows updates, Microsoft Teams will start up every time you restart your computer. You can log in using your email & password, the… Read more »

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