Are your employees helping hackers and hurting your Cybersecurity efforts?

Written by Web Admin on October 17, 2019

IN THE NEWS – ELIJAH Digest | October 17, 2019 Computer Forensic, Cybersecurity and Managed IT Solutions. Most of your employees know better than to send a password via email or open a strange document from someone they don’t know. They are careful about what is posted, or at least they think so. In a recent review of Facebook posts of individuals posting photographs while they are at work, about 20% of the photographs show an ID Badge or include details about the software that they use, in their social media posting. Do you remember the Ice Bucket Challenge of a few years ago? In a significant number of those posts, you could see the layout of the office, programs running on the computers, emails on screens, confidential data in documents, login credentials, and more. Below are some helpful tips to help you and your employees improve your Data and… Read more »

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Cybersecurity – Now It’s Getting More Personal

Written by Jon Isenberg on October 3, 2019

IN THE NEWS – ELIJAH Digest | October 03, 2019 Computer Forensic, Cybersecurity and Managed IT Solutions. More and more people are getting emails addressed to them, from an executive level member of the company, asking for help. The emails are friendly and simple, but require the recipient to either reply to the message or open an attachment. For example, one of our clients recently had her email account hacked. She was unaware that she was sending messages to her staff, asking for help. The wording of the message was: From: (Company Boss) Sent: Tuesday, September 17, 2019 7:08 AM To: (Company Employee) Subject: I will need your help today. Quick response needed: I want you to handle something for me this morning before heading in. Thanks. Phishing attacks like this, in which carefully targeted digital messages are transmitted to fool people into following directions or clicking on a link,… Read more »

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Better Cybersecurity – Phishing Scams You Need To Be Aware Of

Written by Jon Isenberg on September 19, 2019

IN THE NEWS – ELIJAH Digest | September 19, 2019 Computer Forensic, Cybersecurity and Managed IT Solutions. Phishing is a type of cybercrime in which hackers contact you while posing as a legitimate institution or organization in an attempt to get you to provide sensitive or private information. Phishing can occur over the telephone, via a SMS text message, or through email. Spoofing is the practice of creating a website or email template that nearly perfectly mimics a legitimate website. Oftentimes, the website design will be very similar but the URL will be slightly off. See an example below: The Most Common Phishing Scams of 2019 Include: Government emails. Emails designed to look like they are from the FBI, IRS, or Medicare or other government agencies are designed to trick you to give away your personal information. Common scams tell you that you are under investigation for “downloading illegal files”… Read more »

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