Identity Theft & Personal Data Security

Written by Jon Isenberg on April 2, 2020

IN THE NEWS – ELIJAH Digest | April 02, 2020 Computer Forensic, Cybersecurity and Managed IT Solutions. Imagine that yesterday you began receiving unsolicited credit cards in your mailbox at home. You get calls from the new bank accounts or credit cards asking for more information on the account that you just opened. Or, you get bills for credit cards that you did not open, usually for high dollar amounts. You check your credit report and you find that your credit score has dropped. So, you call a Credit Bureau and find out that someone has stolen your identity. Your first step is to freeze your credit, which the Credit Bureau does for you. Then you find out that it all started when you moved residences and never cancelled the old internet service account with your old vendor. The computer network at your old home did not have a firewall… Read more »

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Cybersecurity, COVID-19, and Work at Home

Written by Jon Isenberg on March 19, 2020

IN THE NEWS – ELIJAH Digest | March 19, 2020 Computer Forensic, Cybersecurity and Managed IT Solutions. With the increasing number of cases being reported in the USA and worldwide of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), many businesses and government offices are sending employees home, to work at home. Students are not attending classes in a classroom and are now attending online classes from their homes or dorm rooms. But with work-at-home or study-at-home, there is a new threat – a Cybersecurity related one. Cybercriminals are ramping up their tactics to take advantage of consumers that are working at home with an internet service that is not as well protected as their business. Most consumers do not have the same network security devices as businesses, thus exposing the business data to a potential attack. On March 3, 2020, technology researchers reported that 2 malware campaigns were launched and were connected to the… Read more »

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Client Update: ELIJAH Coronavirus Precautions (COVID-19)

Written by Andy Reisman on March 13, 2020

ELIJAH is remaining operational during the current coronavirus outbreak to provide the expert digital forensics, eDiscovery, cybersecurity, and information technology services on which our clients have come to rely. We value the safety of our clients and employees, and accordingly wanted to update you on recommendations and precautions relating to our services. ELIJAH has the capability to perform the vast majority of our work remotely. This includes the remote digital forensic collections of a wide variety of computers, servers, phones, email accounts, social media accounts, and other data. Although we are continuing in-person forensic collections as well at this time, we encourage our clients to discuss remote imaging alternatives, which are equally forensically sound and are consistent with social distancing. Although no ELIJAH personnel currently have tested positive or exhibited any coronavirus systems, any ELIJAH personnel who have traveled overseas or otherwise been in a high-risk environment will seek medical… Read more »

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