What some of our clients have to say:

Lawyer, Am Law 100 National Law Firm

ELIJAH is and has been my go-to company for everything technological for nearly a decade. Highly responsive, high-quality work is par for the course with ELIJAH.

Partner, Florida law firm

I have always been pleased with ELIJAH’s service. They get the job done accurately, quickly, and in a cost-effective manner.

Trial Lawyer, Chicago law firm

I always recommend ELIJAH when a colleague is looking for digital forensics assistance. Their people are a pleasure to work with at every turn.

Trial Lawyer / Chicago law firm

eDiscovery Counsel, Am Law 100 National Law Firm

ELIJAH provides superior client service and responsiveness at very competitive rates – I sleep more soundly knowing work is in their hands. I know I don’t need to go through the typical follow-ups to make sure things get done, and I wind up with a lower bill, superior result and happier client – and when my clients are happy, I am happy!

eDiscovery Counsel / Am Law 100 National Law Firm

Informal E-Mail Feedback, Litigation Support Analyst,Global Law Firm Headquartered in New York City

You guys did a great job with those e-mails the other night. Everything looks perfect. I’m not sure how many ESI jobs I’ll have in Chicago, but I know who I’m calling when I do. Maybe I’m using the wrong vendors in NY, but I’m not getting the same quality in NY that you guys delivered.

Informal E-Mail Feedback, Litigation Support Analyst / Global Law Firm Headquartered in New York City

In-House Counsel, National Logistics Company

I have worked with ELIJAH on several projects and continue to be impressed with their depth of knowledge in the computer forensic area. ELIJAH is very conscientious and accommodating to their clients’ needs and consistently go that extra step to bring timely, high quality and creative results. I consider ELIJAH the “go-to-company” for all of my computer forensic questions and issues.

In-House Counsel / National Logistics Company

Hearing Transcript, A.D. Acquisition, LLC v. Lyon

COUNSEL: We’ve used Mr. Reisman’s firm for [computer forensics]. We’ll stipulate that he’s an expert in the field. He’s probably the best around. | THE COURT: That’s the first thing they’ve agreed on in this whole case

Hearing Transcript / A.D. Acquisition, LLC v. Lyon

Litigation Support Analyst, Global Law Firm

I have hired ELIJAH several times in the last year for forensic and data processing work, always with great results at a great price. ELIJAH effortlessly combines several key skills in this space: breadth of knowledge on legal and forensic issues, focus on detail, and consistently clear and timely communication. Moreover, Andy has imparted his integrity and business acumen upon his employees, making both him and his company the whole package

Litigation Support Analyst / Global Law Firm

Senior Counsel, One of the World’s Largest Banks

ELIJAH provides superior service, both as an obtainer of, and expert testifier on, eDiscovery data and materials. ELIJAH knows and understands how to be as effective as possible both in obtaining such discovery from others, and identifying omissions and errors in what has been produced. Stupendous value for money. Highly recommended for e-discovery and forensics