Upcoming eDiscovery Division Rebranding

Elijah is pleased to announce that in an effort to further enhance client service and better define our two main services, eDiscovery and Forensics, we have spun off our eDiscovery division into a sister company, Acorn Legal Solutions LLC. You will still be working with the same talented members of our team, from the same locations, delivering the same level of responsiveness and commitment to client service that recently won us the 2016 award “e-Discovery Company of the Year” from ACQ5. All contact information for our eDiscovery team members remains the same, and we will provide updated information as we launch the new brand.

Elijah will continue to perform digital forensic and other expert services under the Elijah name, which as many of you know, still reminds me of an important reason to both go to work and to return home. You’ll also still be working with the same fantastic people responsible for Elijah having been named as “Best for Computer Forensics & Expert Testimony Services – USA” by the 2016 AI Legal Awards.

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