Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Early Case Assessment

The volume of electronic information associated with a litigation matter can be staggering. Emails, texts and tweets often are the preferred source of instant communication, and many people receive hundreds of emails daily from spammers. Additionally, backup processes can result in an exponential increase in electronic documents, as with the click of a button millions of duplicative records can be created in a new location nearly instantly. Review methodologies that rely on attorneys reviewing all witnesses’ documents for responsiveness often are unduly costly, time consuming and for the reviewers soul-crushingly tedious.

ELIJAH can employ a variety of analytic technologies and recommend associated workflows to help you efficiently identify key documents for review and production. Our technologies include predictive coding, sentiment analysis, data visualization, concept clustering, near de-duplication and a variety of other tools that add substantial value to the litigation process.

Benefits of the sophisticated analytic techniques ELIJAH can bring to bear include:

  • Providing early insights into key issues
  • Improving the accuracy and effectiveness of document reviewers
  • Reducing document review costs
  • Reducing time required for document review