ELIJAH has a long history of delivering expert data hosting solutions to our clients.

ELIJAH began offering data hosting services in 2006, well before most other eDiscovery service providers were founded. Although the software has advanced with the times, our approach focusing on responsiveness and efficiency has remained consistent. While others focus on maximizing revenues from particular projects, ELIJAH takes the long view, making recommendations that save our clients money.

Data Hosting at ELIJAH provides you cutting edge tools to quickly find key documents that win your case.

With ELIJAH, best-in-class technology allows us to provide data hosting services at reduced costs, while offering a superior client experience. We leverage advanced data culling and analytics tools that dramatically can increase the efficiency of legal review. Many of our clients particularly enjoy the Relativity platform and its advanced data visualization and analytics features. Whether for a single project or managed services for a corporate legal department, ELIJAH offers data hosting solutions that fit the needs and budgets of clients of all sizes.