ELIJAH’s leading experts can help guide your eDiscovery strategy.

ELIJAH employs eDiscovery experts who know your needs and speak your language, because we used to be on your side of the table. ELIJAH’s senior management includes eDiscovery experts who have served as litigation partners, general counsel, and government attorneys. We can serve as part of your team, getting to know your goals, and helping to formulate your strategy. ELIJAH can help reduce your risks and costs, and ultimately achieve better results than you might see going it alone.

ELIJAH has a track record of successful in-court testimony.

Whether in adversarial contexts such as evidence spoliation hearings, or in advisory contexts such as eDiscovery neutrals and liaisons, ELIJAH’s electronic discovery experts are as comfortable in courtrooms as they are behind computer screens. We have testified as eDiscovery experts in federal and state courts, both through well-reasoned affidavits and in-person testimony. ELIJAH maintains credibility by being conservative in our opinions, and we draw upon our deep understanding of legal technology to communicate facts clearly and persuasively.