ELIJAH is a one-stop shop to meet your litigation support needs.

Although ELIJAH has focused on our core digital forensics and eDiscovery business since 2003, over the years our team has developed a deep understanding of the litigation support industry and associated services. Whether providing services in house or partnering through trusted relationships we have formed over the years, ELIJAH can relieve the stress associated with attempting to patch together various service providers. Litigation support services ELIJAH offers include:


Backup Tape Restoration:


Although many parties to litigation resist restoration of backup tapes, in certain circumstances such tapes might be the only source of responsive data. Whether on one tape or thousands, ELIJAH can ensure that backup tapes are searched, de-duplicated, and restored in an efficient manner.


Document Scanning:


Reviewing all documents within a unified review platform is essential to improve efficiency and reduce confusion. ELIJAH can ensure that your paper records successfully are scanned, OCR’d, coded, and loaded for review in the same searchable, sortable manner as your other electronic documents.


Document Blowbacks & Reprographics:


Despite the prevalence of electronically stored information, paper still is used by many organizations, and lawyers often prefer to use paper documents at depositions and in trials. ELIJAH can ensure your data is produced in the format you need.


Document Review:


ELIJAH does not employ document review attorneys and generally defers to our clients to perform that function. Nevertheless, ELIJAH does maintain relationships with document review providers and can leverage those relationships to provide a single point of contact to meet document review and other litigation support needs.


Drive Recovery:


ELIJAH provides basic hard drive data recovery services in-house. When a drive suffers a more severe failure, ELIJAH partners with drive recovery specialists who maintain Class 100 clean rooms and can service even drives with significant physical damage.


Translation Services:


ELIJAH partners with translation services providers to provide human and/or machine translation services for matters involving a significant percentage of non-English documents, when clients do not have native speakers on their review teams.


Other Litigation Support:


Technology is evolving, as are ELIJAH’s service offerings. Never hesitate to ask whether we can support any litigation support needs. Even if we do not offer the services, our team often can point you in the right direction!