ELIJAH has a successful track record assisting with claims against distressed companies, and helping receivers preserve assets and maximize value.

Receivers often cannot rely on the integrity of the seized computer systems, and the candor of former employees, in order to identify assets and claims that can deliver value to interested parties. Receivers also face the challenge of distressed businesses attempting to delete corporate data in order to hide evidence of wrongful asset transfers or other potential malfeasance. ELIJAH has a successful track record of working with receivers to forensically preserve and recover key evidence. Our efforts have added significant value and aided the receivers’ administration efforts.


Similarly, those making claims against a company in bankruptcy often need to discover evidence substantiating their claims, both monetarily and in terms of their priority. ELIJAH has assisted organizations in collecting and identifying key evidence to substantiate claims in bankruptcy, helping our clients obtain the maximum recovery available.


Our digital forensics and eDiscovery experts have the experience and communication skills to understand your systems and needs. Using these skills, ELIJAH delivers effective solutions for the specific challenges that arise in bankruptcy matters and that face receivers.


Contact ELIJAH today to find out how our digital forensic and electronic discovery solutions can make the difference between successful recovery of key business assets and a bankruptcy estate worth pennies on the dollar.