ELIJAH has a proven track record of successful investigations.

ELIJAH understands you have many options to fulfill your digital forensic needs. When selecting a digital forensic company, it is important to choose a company with a proven track record. Since 2003, ELIJAH successfully has been performed thousands of investigations for law firms, publicly traded companies, private organizations, non-profits, government agencies, and individuals. We even have developed our own proprietary eCollect® remote forensic analysis software, to quickly identify the most common avenues of employee data theft.


With such a large number of digital forensic investigations, the types of matters ELIJAH has worked on are diverse. Representative civil matters include employee data misappropriation, receiverships, family law, patent infringement, will and trust disputes, corporate fraud, and evidence spoliation, among many others. Representative criminal matters include hacking, cyber stalking, child pornography, and any other criminal matters involving electronically stored information.

ELIJAH brings unique insights to our investigations.

ELIJAH’s depth and diversity of experience uniquely assists clients with their digital forensic investigation needs. Our computer forensic experts diverse educational and professional training in law, computer science, accounting, and many other fields, assists us in solving even the most complex investigative issues. ELIJAH also embraces cultural diversity, with a team of forensic examiners that reflects our nation’s diversity and can bring different perspectives to problem-solving. Combining critical thinking skills, diverse perspectives, and in-depth technical knowledge, ELIJAH sees the full picture where others see only pieces of the puzzle.