ELIJAH reduces client risks by verifiably collecting evidence in a manner that preserves file metadata.

ELIJAH has extensive experience forensically imaging and collecting data from a wide variety of sources of electronically stored information (ESI). Our capabilities include creating full forensic images of servers, laptops, desktops, tablets, smart phones, external storage devices, optical media, and various other ESI storage devices. We forensically collect from various hosted data sources including email accounts, cloud storage, and social media. We can forensically collect entire data sources, and can perform targeted forensic collections based on objective criteria. If your matter requires collection of ESI, we have the experience to get the job done.


ELIJAH’s data collection methodologies are verifiable and forensically sound, maintaining evidentiary chain of custody. With increasing focus on evidence spoliation, utilizing ELIJAH for your data collection needs is a prudent investment that substantially can reduce your risks and costs.


ELIJAH’s team has imaged thousands of ESI storage devices and collected terabytes of data in a matter of days without our clients missing a beat. Our team performs these tasks with laser focus to avoid disruption to our clients’ normal business operations. We are available remotely or in person, and during convenient times or around the clock. Whether remotely, in person, or in our secure forensic labs, ELIJAH can meet the largest data collection demands on the tightest schedules.

ELIJAH keeps your data secure.

During remote forensic collections, ELIJAH utilizes 128-bit or higher AES encryption to safeguard data in transit from interception. ELIJAH stores forensic collections in highly secure environments, including access controls based on the principle of least privilege, and that employs robust physical security measures, video surveillance, and 24/7/365 alarm monitoring. Hiring ELIJAH means knowing your data is safely preserved and secured.