ELIJAH is easy to work with because we have a deep understanding of civil litigation.

ELIJAH’s top management understands your civil litigation needs because they used to be on your side of the table, having served as partners at law firms, general counsel, and government attorneys. We have faced the same challenges you face, and recognize that responsiveness, clear communication, and excellence are all critical components of delivering value to our clients. Our client-centric focus is a core reason for ELIJAH’s longevity and success.



ELIJAH helps you avoid drowning in data.


A core challenge of civil litigation is that the volume of electronically stored information has risen exponentially, while litigation budgets at best have remained flat. ELIJAH offers early case assessment solutions that provide lawyers with the advanced technological tools they need to avoid drowning in a sea of data. We can assist in developing strategies to cull data dramatically prior to review, substantially reducing the cost of data hosting and review. ELIJAH even offers software that leverages artificial intelligence to help you understand whether you have identified all the custodians who have relevant information, whether any can be eliminated as irrelevant, and identify the key data that needs to be hosted for review.