ELIJAH helps identify cybersecurity risks involved in mergers and acquisitions.

Cybersecurity M&A Due Diligence is a critical and often overlooked aspect in the process of evaluating whether to go forward with a merger or acquisition, and whether to engage with a new partner or vendor. Data security is integral to ensuring the integrity of every organization’s operations and reputation. Assessing cybersecurity risks can be as important in evaluating deal value and terms as more commonly investigated factors, such as the quality of earnings, customers, and employees. Cybersecurity M&A Due Diligence when performed properly can help minimize risk, reduce costs, and identify potential deal-breakers. ELIJAH is uniquely positioned to assist companies and their counsel with conducting cybersecurity due diligence.


Additionally, electronic discovery can pose huge challenges in M&A litigation. Whether facing daunting second requests from the federal government, or dealing with unexpected claims arising from mergers and acquisitions gone wrong, ELIJAH has the experience to handle the largest document productions, helping efficiently filter huge volumes of information to identify core relevant data.